The Site

UST Voile-Aviron, a sailing club in Saint-Tropez, enjoys a privileged location in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, occupying a relatively sheltered bay, the Baie des Canebiers. Indeed, it is in this very famous bay that you will evolve in complete safety by following in the footsteps of the famous series “Sous le soleil” or even Brigitte Bardot and many others.

The locals, the residents :
The Saint-Tropez sailing club has changing rooms, showers and independent toilets, a video room, a wifi hot spot and a refreshment bar.

Wind :
From the NORTH-EAST sector in the morning between force 1 and 3, it is suitable for initiation because it provides ideal sea conditions for beginners.
From the SOUTH-WEST sector in the afternoon between force 3 and 6, it becomes the playground for experienced and amateurs in search of thrills.

Near : Town center (5 minutes), Campsites-Hotels, Shops, Telephone box.